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massive growth, while lowering stress

Are you a business owner who is wants to scale up, but feel completely choked by stress? Would you like to be with like minded entrepreneurs who are changing the way they run their companies? 10X Fellowship could be for you.

Is your business stuck? Have you hit a ceiling in your marketing, your profits or in your ability to grow? Or maybe your revenues are in decline and you have no idea what to do?

10X Fellowship can give you what you need to not only get unstuck, but reenergize you with exact plans to get back on the path of growth? 10X Fellowship might be exactly what you need.

10X Fellowship is all about growth AND happy, balanced lives. YES! Not only is that “possible”, the 10X method is a repeatable process you can implement now to make it a reality for you and your company. You don’t need to become a sleep-deprived stressed-out business owner gasping for air as you try to grow your company. You don’t need to keep up on the latest “hacks” and new fangled business trends to get the results you want, the results you need. It’s about changing the way you work (and even LESS work), the way you think, the priorities you focus on… It’s a paradigm shift, moving to a new way of thinking and doing.

Isn’t it time to let go and try different? Be different? To be with a group high achievers that are ALSO happy to be thriving and growing?

You’re ready to learn and grow as a leader. You’re desperate to eliminate overwhelming stress. You’re willing to learn from other business owners so you aren’t working like a madman in the dark.

You’re going to discovery the secrets that will help put your company on a path high above your competition.

And more than anything else, you desire to make impact: for you, your family, your employees, and your community.  To leave a legacy for this world to be better than you found it.

The 10X Fellowship was made to help you do that.

Jon's flagship marketing & consulting company has produced over $250 million in profits from 30+ companies in Technology SaaS, Sales & Marketing; You'll learn these same strategies that you can apply to your own business
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Founded by Jon Correll

Jon Correll started the 10X Fellowship as a passion project which was born out of his love for helping other entrepreneurs grow their own businesses.

Wait, do you mind if Jon shifts from third person to first person, since it is Jon that is writing this part? I hope you’re OK with that, for a least this section.

I started my entrepreneurial journey by developing software in the days when coding was a rare talent (Apple II anyone? I was 12 when I started). But out of necessity I had to immediately learn to sell my products or become a failure. I was the typical introvert nerd, and selling sucked! But, I wanted to incredibly be successful, and I was willing to learn or to do anything to make my dreams come true. I had to move from tech nerd, to salesman, to marketer, to manager, to strategist and then to business leader. I felt I needed to be great at everything. (I’m sure you can guess how this is going to end up.)

A little more about me (the resume type stuff):

I have built more than a dozen companies or so from scratch, I’ve invested in online & offline companies and real estate ventures, and I have learned the ways to relieve stress and still have amazing growth (more on that later), I have studied marketing and psychology (certified in NLP and Hypnosis), and have personally studied sales from some of the best. All of this was learned through the adventures of many failures and successes along the entrepreneurial journey. Building companies out of nothing, leading companies and having hundreds of employees over the years. I have developed skills and strategies from MANY different disciplines; often learning profound lessons by consulting with startups on up to working with billion dollar companies to explode their revenues.

I’ve learned (and am still learning) what really matters for growth to happen without the life-sucking overwhelm that most business owners carry as a heavy burden.  You don’t have to sleep deprived and overwhelmed to succeed. Really… you don’t!

OVERWHELMED with Addiction, Stress and Debt

I discovered the 10X Method in the 90’s during a dark time in my businesses and in my life. (Well maybe “discovered” isn’t the right word. Being brutally hit by a baseball bat upside the head feels more accurate.) 10X came from a place of desperation; a time when my businesses were rapidly spinning out of my control. I was so overwhelmed from trying to do and to control everything in my businesses, yet nothing seemed to work.

It wasn’t until an older mentor-type businessman suggested (off-handedly, and by accident it seemed) to “look at what it would take to 10X the business”. At first my reaction was just “Oh yeah, just what I need: to be 10X more overwhelmed. What an idiot! NO thanks!” But the thought stuck in my head. It was a paradox my mind kept thinking about, a problem to solve. It was a distraction that would come up when I would look at goals, or the negative cashflow statement. It even became a bit of an obsession over time. It was months and months having that mind virus stuck in my head, rattling around, clanking against the cracking girders of my “WORK ETHIC” mindset before anything changed. You see, I’m a slow learner. I just kept following the same mantra, “work harder, push more, sacrifice more”. Complete insanity.

One day, I hit the proverbial rock-bottom. (Finally!) The businesses I had were a mess. I was a mess. I was done… Ready to give up. 

I WAS DONE. Now What?

Finally! The Lifelong Solution

But something began to rise up from within… There was no flash of light, no bolt of lightning. What came up for me was pretty simple: a deep realization that I couldn’t do it all. I could NOT do it all. It was a moment of physical, emotional, spiritual & mental clarity that not only could “I” not do it “ALL”… I wasn’t MEANT to do it ALL,  nor CREATED to do it ALL, nor DESIGNED to do it ALL. It was kinda weird. I didn’t feel more pressure, I felt relief. “I CANNOT DO IT ALL.” That was the answer. Simple. I know it sounds a bit corny, but it was quite profound thought for me. This inspiration brought me freedom. Freedom from ME. Freedom from DOING everything. (I still feel chills go up the back of my spine as I write this.) I remember the moment. I feel that moment. Some might call it a religious experience. I just saw as it a gentle whisper of truth from above during a time of deep dark silence from which I completely awoke.

10X was a shift into a completely new way of thinking and being for me. Everything changed.

It may seem like a bit of marketing hype to roll all of this stuff into “10X”. I would agree: “10X” does not encapsulate the whole experience; the whole process. However,  these little 10X rules, 10X methods, 10X processes (whatever you want to call it)… works. It can bring you 10X results. And you can use 10X in your life and business and experience a major change. It’s a lens I can now see everything through. Yes, there’s more to it, but that is the foundation of it all.

I can share with you the details of how this radical shift of thinking completely launched my businesses and personal life in way I had not thought possible. 10X! We can apply 10X to you and your business as needed. Simple. Direct. Specific. It’s not about hype. It’s about results. 10X results.

After having 30+ years of success (and yes failures) in the offline and online world (and my personal life),  I have found that business growth comes from the right strategies, the right actions and the right support networks; not from a bunch of “tips and tricks” and “mega secret hacks”. The 10X Fellowship is about change. First change you. Then change your business. Get massive results.

Ready to 10X?

I’m creating a group of die-hard success-driven business owners who gather to learn, to grow and to apply the right growth strategies together, while shedding the culture of “kill yourself for your business” mindset. Come join me on a continuous journey of success.

Come experience the 10X possibilities for yourself.

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Some of the Inc 500 Companies We’ve Worked With

How the Fellowship helps our members

  • Focusing on ONE thing at a time. This can be a new Sales Strategy to add rocket fuel to Revenues, Improve Your Leadership Skills, or Learn to Develop Your Employees
  • Eliminate those tasks that suck lifeblood of energy from you.
  • Creating goals and metrics that align with your vision and dreams. Clarity. Focus. Joy. Growth.
  • Dominate your market, and love your life through transforming strategies of how to “do”.
  • We teach key life & business skills – 10X Method, 1% Personal Growth, 80/20 productivity, removing inner head trash, and advanced business strategy.
  • Most businesses don’t have a Unique Selling Proposition. We’ll show you how to create a Definitive Selling Proposition: A rock solid reason why customers should buy from you instead of anybody and everybody else in the world. Every time.
  • A community of trust. A place to share your inner struggles, people who will understand what you’re going through, and help with ways to go beyond “coping” in life and into THRIVING IN LIFE.
  • A group of men to hold you accountable to those things you want help in overcoming. You know, those fearful feelings and challenges you hide from everyone else.
  • A Brotherhood that helps each other to grow and to flourish!
  • Wealth building strategies. Tax and cash strategies to help grow your empire into an overflowing wealth factory that spills out over those you want to help!

Join the 10X Fellowship and explode your profits

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